The Dock System That Gives You Options

Portable Dock Systems has engineered a complete Dock and Forklift Ramp System that meets all site conditions for multiple applications. Our systems have been developed from years of hands on experience in Rail and Truck Transportation, Transloading, and Warehouse Distribution. We applied that experience to engineer systems that will allow your business to handle products efficiently, safely, and comply with all regulations.

Our Two Piece and Three Piece Dock Systems have removable guard rails allowing for multiple Ramp and Truck Dock Plate locations. The Three Piece System can handle multiple containers or vans for cross docking from Truck /Rail while also providing access via forklift ramp to your yard or warehouse. When utilized for Rail Car loading or unloading, the Rail Dock Plate can be locked vertically when not in use to provide FRA/PUC required trainman clearances; meaning you never have to move the dock. The systems are portable and can be disassembled and moved utilizing the built in forklift sleeves by one operator and a forklift in twenty minutes. Stationary or Portable, they are the most versatile Dock and Forklift ramp systems on the market.

Our Forklift Ramp system was designed to be the most durable and versatile forkkift ramp on the market. It is manufactured for endurance and longevity and comes standard with a 30,000 lb capacity.

All of our PDS products are made of 100% welded steel. Our sytems come from the factory with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of Safety Yellow Enamel for the ultimate in visibility. This combined with our quality design and craftsmanship, makes PDS virtually maintenance-free. Our Dock System is the most Durable and Portable system in the market place.

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